Timeless Classics

Neo-classic designs are back en vogue, but you don’t have to tell the furniture designers at Chaddock that. They’ve been ahead of the curve, partnering in 2014 with internationally-recognized and award winning interior designer, Mary McDonald, on her own furniture collection for the brand. The seventy-piece collection reflects McDonald’s hallmark style of boldly reimagining neo-classic and French-inspired forms for discerning modern consumers.

“Chaddock was inspired by Mary’s timeless designs and saw an opportunity to introduce a unique line that’s traditionally rooted, but elevated with luxe-glam influences. Mary’s collection offers a vibrancy and feminine sophistication that seamlessly aligns with our mission to offer fine furniture, made-in-America quality and great style,” explains Andrew Crone, CEO of Chaddock, which is based in Morganton, North Carolina.

McDonald was drawn to Chaddock’s unparalleled American craftsmanship. While many furniture companies have exported aspects of their manufacturing, nearly ninety percent of Chaddock products are made in their Morganton workroom. 

Guy Chaddock, who started his eponymous furniture brand in the 1950s, was known as a rebel and an innovator in the world of luxury furniture and interior design. Today, the Chaddock company remains just as dedicated to innovation as it did then. Other furniture manufacturers may be looking for ways to out-source some of their production, but Chaddock continues to invest in its skilled craftspeople, artisan techniques and state-of-the-art technologies to make the finest furniture available. 

This continued investment gives Chaddock broad customization abilities and allowed McDonald to use a variety of luxurious materials and finishes in her collection, ranging from finely wrought hardware to faux bois techniques. “Mary puts as much thought into the details of her pieces as the designs themselves. Greek key accents, faux shagreen, and brass detailing all play a part in her luxe aesthetic,” says Crone.

Guy Chaddock had a passion for finished wood, and the Chaddock workroom still uses a twenty step finish process to enhance wood’s natural beauty and add unbelievable depth to their finished pieces. 

“We have always been known for beautiful finishes, but wanted to expand our offering to bring Mary’s holistic vision to life,” says Crone. “Paying homage to Guy Chaddock’s passion for finished wood, but through Mary’s sense of timeless style, we were able to develop fresh, modern finishes to accompany her pieces.”

With McDonald’s collection, Chaddock introduced a broad range unique grey and white finishes. Her Hellenia Media Cabinet, for example, features elaborate, decorative Greek key motifs and unique brass hardware that are beautifully highlighted by a lighter wood finish. 

McDonald also personally designed the hardware for each piece in her line. She considers these details to be the “jewelry” of her furniture collection. And for customers who want to take customization even further, Chaddock offers more than twenty additional mix-and-match hardware options that can be interchanged on any casegood. “From antique brass to polished nickel, delicate knobs to sturdy pulls, you are able to completely change the style of a piece by simply swapping the hardware,” Crone explains.  

McDonald began her design career as a milliner, and leverages her fashion background in the design of exquistly detailed upholstery pieces for Chaddock. Her designs incorporate the kind of tailoring usually been reserved for the fortunate clients of high-end interior designers. Inset trim and contrasting banding on the Maison Chairs and Lavinia Sofa are just two well-thought out design details McDonald brings to her collection.

There are many references to historical forms in her Chaddock collection, but these references are given a fresh twist so nothing feels too nostalgic. She’s able to bridge the gap between old and new by experimenting with elements such as scale and shape through smaller scale upholstery items and her use of unexpected silhouettes. It’s this touch of whimsy and the leveraging of drama that defines McDonald’s designs and what has attracted such a strong following to her work. Studio 882 in Glen Mills, PA was one of the first showrooms in the country to display Mary McDonald’s Chaddock collection. The line has quickly become one of its best sellers. 

“Our goal at Studio 882 is to bring the level of sophistication, quality and inspiration from the high-end design industry into a retail environment, so customers and interior designers can experience and interact directly with furniture from the top brands and the most inspired lines,’ explains Studio 882 owner, Chad Groves. 

“When it comes to creativity, vision, and flawless attention to detail, Mary is unrivaled. Her work reminds us daily that we should be dazzled by our environment and that design is above all, fun,” concludes Studio 882 designer Brittany Free. McDonald’s many followers, throughout Philadelphia and beyond, can’t wait to see what she comes up with next. And you can bet it will be on display at Studio 882.

Katie Groves